Steel grey prototype
Navy prototype
Black prototype
Navy render
White render


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GB start date: 30th May, Sunday, 11pm SGT (GMT+8) / 11am EST (GMT-4)
GB end date: 5th Jun, Saturday, 11pm SGT (GMT+8) / 11am EST (GMT-4)

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Assembly Instructions

Custom designed 65% mechanical keyboard kit with the following key features:

  • Duo (dual) isolation/gasket mount
  • Acoustic brass frame
  • Cove lighting
  • Hotswap PCB (VIA enabled, ESD protection, underglow)
  • 7 degree typing angle

The Duo-S kit consists of:

  • 6063 aluminium top (Anodised Black / Anodised Navy / E-White)
  • FR4 (all kits ship with this) / Sandblasted brass plate (only available as an extra)
  • Sandblasted brass acoustic frame
  • Sandblasted polycarbonate (PC) bottom
  • Sandblasted brass logo
  • Hotswap PCB by DZ
  • 3M rubber gaskets and bumpons
  • Stainless steel hex screws


  • Sandblasted brass plate
  • 65% Hotswap PCB by DZ

Availability: FCFS 300 units

Estimated shipping date: Q1 2022

Please note that shipping fees will be charged at a later stage when the keyboards have been manufactured.

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*all pictures are prototype pictures (first 7 are Steel Grey) except the last 2 which are renders of Navy and E-White. 1st sound test is done with lubed and filmed Alpacas, brass plate, EPBT keycaps. 2nd sound test is done with lubed and filmed Lilacs, FR4 plate, EPBT keycaps.