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Group Buy and Return Policy


Group buys may be conducted on a first come, first served ("FCFS") or open period basis. For FCFS group buys, order cancellations are strictly not allowed. For open period group buys, order cancellation is allowed during the group buy period but will be subject to a 7% flat cancellation fee.

For in stock purchases (extras kits and other items), cancellations are allowed prior to the shipment of the purchased item. However, this will be subject to a 7% flat cancellation fee.

Certain representations made during a group buy may be subject to slight variation/change within reasonable boundaries. Such representations include but are not limited to rendered product images, product colours and estimated shipping dates.

Quality Grading

All group buy items will be A-stock. Extras may be declared and sold as A-stock or B-stock after the group buy period. The quality expectation for the respective grading is as described below.

A-stock: No scratches or blemishes on external surfaces. Minor scratches and/or blemishes may be expected on internal surfaces which are not visible upon assembly. 

B-stock: Minor scratches and/or blemishes expected on external and internal surfaces.



Returns and refunds are not offered. If your item is defective or damaged (defects declared under their respective quality grading and damage incurred during shipping are not included), you may reach out to us at info@duofoundry.com to request for an exchange. Due to the nature of limited, one-off production runs, exchange requests are subject to the availability of extra units.

If your item is damaged during shipping, please reach out to the relevant shipping company directly to claim.

All shipping costs incurred during exchange (including original shipping cost) will be at your own expense except for the shipping cost of the replacement item.

All group buys/in stock purchases will be subject to the above policies.