Duo-S Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove the black retaining screws (you will not need these for assembly) followed by the top case. There is no need to remove the brass acoustic frame.

  2. Press fit (might need some force) and screw on the brass logo pieces, it should be almost flush with the surface. It is a snug fit to prevent unnecessary rattling.  
  3. Install the 3M rubber feet followed by bottom case square gaskets.


    1. [The board is shipped with the brass frame mounted. Skip this step if you did not remove the brass frame] Mount the brass acoustic frame onto the bottom case. You will want to fit one side in followed by the other. It is a snug fit to prevent unnecessary rattling.


    1. Install 3M rubber gaskets onto the brass acoustic frame and the top case.

    1. Install all stabilisers and switches onto the PCB and assemble all parts together without screwing in the bottom case screws.
    1. Put on all keycaps and use the alignment strips as shown.


    1. Invert the board and install the bottom case screws and you are done!