Duo-M GB | 1 Mar (11pm SGT) - 31 Mar 2023 (11pm SGT)

Duo-S GB Update 5

Hello Everyone!

Happy 2022! It has been some time since the last update but we are back with good news! QC for all items have finally been completed and all kits have been packed for shipping. This is well ahead of our Q1 2022 schedule! The last hurdle was indeed tough as we had to work with the factory to ensure that our A-stock requirements are met for every single GB unit.

As with manufacturing, some units do not meet our QC standards and will be marked as B-stock which will be part of our extras sale (stay tuned for that!).

For all GB participants, please look out for the shipping invoice which will be sent directly to your email. We can't wait for you to get your hands on the Duo-S and once again, thank you for your support and believing in Duo Foundry. We certainly hope to bring you more products in the future :)

QC of black top cases

A portion of the Duo-S GB kits