Duo-M GB | 1 Mar (11pm SGT) - 31 Mar 2023 (11pm SGT)

Duo-S GB Update 4

Hello Everyone!

The final batch of items have arrived! This comprises of all the aluminium and brass items for the Duo-S kit, namely the top case, brass frame, plate and logo. QC process has started and this is expected to take a while. As you may have heard, the QC process is arguably the toughest part of a keyboard GB. Based on our experience so far, it is highly unlikely that any batch will be 100% perfect. A QC pass rate of 70% to 80% is considered good (this is subjective and based on how good your manufacturer is) but expect it to be as low as 50% if you do not want to be disappointed.

So what happens with the items that have failed QC? For us, we will return the failed items and request either for refurbishment or a remake where necessary. This can be a tough process depending on how cooperative the manufacturer is (unhappiness, disagreements etc.) and therefore will take some time to settle.

Fingers crossed for the final leg of the journey and hope we can stay ahead of our projected timelines!