Duo-M GB | 1 Mar (11pm SGT) - 31 Mar 2023 (11pm SGT)

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Duo-M Prototype Reviews and GB Date

Prototype builds have been streamed and GB date has been decided! Please see below for details :) Lewis Toh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_NS_YMwodA&t=4sAlexotos: Twitch stream on 28th FebAkeynote: Youtube review mid Mar Duo-M GB start date: 1 Mar, 11pm SGT (GMT+8) / 11am EST (GMT-4)GB end date: 31 Mar, 11pm SGT (GMT+8) / 11am EST (GMT-4)

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Duo-S GB Update 6

Hello Everyone! What a journey it has been! Excited to share that we have finally handed over most of the Duo-S kits to our logistics partner for shipment. Thank you to all who have made prompt payments for the shipping fees. For those who have paid shipping fees before 18th Jan, you would have received a tracking number. For the rest, please expect shipment to be in March, after the CNY break. Can't wait for everyone to get their hands on the kit! :)

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Duo-S GB Update 5

Hello Everyone! Happy 2022! It has been some time since the last update but we are back with good news! QC for all items have finally been completed and all kits have been packed for shipping. This is well ahead of our Q1 2022 schedule! The last hurdle was indeed tough as we had to work with the factory to ensure that our A-stock requirements are met for every single GB unit. As with manufacturing, some units do not meet our QC standards and will be marked as B-stock which will be part of our extras sale (stay tuned for that!). For all GB participants, please look out for the shipping invoice which will be sent directly to your email. We...

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Duo-S GB Update 4

Hello Everyone! The final batch of items have arrived! This comprises of all the aluminium and brass items for the Duo-S kit, namely the top case, brass frame, plate and logo. QC process has started and this is expected to take a while. As you may have heard, the QC process is arguably the toughest part of a keyboard GB. Based on our experience so far, it is highly unlikely that any batch will be 100% perfect. A QC pass rate of 70% to 80% is considered good (this is subjective and based on how good your manufacturer is) but expect it to be as low as 50% if you do not want to be disappointed. So what happens with...

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Duo-S GB Update 3

Hello Everyone! It is update time again! Polycarbonate (PC) bottom cases have arrived and are being QCed. As you may have heard, the overall cost of producing PC components are more expensive than that for aluminium. Every wondered why? Here are some insights based on our experience: Cost of manufacturing: Based on the quotations that we have received, the cost of producing a PC component is quite close to that of brass, which is around 3 times that of aluminium (this may vary depending on the factory). This would partially be due to the manual labour involved in finishing the PC surface. In fact, some factories even offer different tiers of PC finishing and prices are adjusted accordingly. Also, CNC failure...

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